Back up a portable jump starter, necessary or not?

Back up a portable jump starter, necessary or not?

The principle of jump starter restart a dead car battery

Two terminals of the car battery are linked to the car engine. A flat battery may lead to a failed engine-starting. Jump starters can power the car engine by connecting its jumper cables to the terminals, so the car engine will work again and then juice up the battery in continuous operation.

Although Jump starters could not charge dead car batteries directly, their principle can accomplish restarting the dead car easily and charging the car battery indirectly. It is much convenient for car owners.


What problems can a portable jump starter solve for your car?

①Leaving headlights, interior lights, flashers, air conditioners, and the radio on when the car isn't running.

②Not starting a car for long periods of time.

③Lack of battery maintenance.

④Low air temperature causes batteries to freeze.

The above questions will make car batteries dead and fail to start cars, but a jump starter can solve them easily. 


What can GOOLOO jumper pack also do?

If you are stuck on the outskirts, GOOLOO jump starters can power your phone and other equipment, like ipads, drones, car refrigerators. Let you keep online before trailer arrives. Flashlights on jump starters can provide illumination at night. Examine your car engine or deliver an SOS signal during emergencies.

Please back up a portable multi-functional jump starter on your trunk.


Why is large capacity of jump starter more favorable in the US, Canada, and Australia?

Firstly, jump starter as an emergence battery tool, use time after a charge is important. The large capacity of jump starters can be stored for a longer time and have more times used.

Secondly, the large capacity can provide a higher peak current, which can restart big vehicles and enhance the success rate of restarting.


Is a Portable jump starter worth it? Is it necessary to buy a jump starter?

Believe you have gotten the answer.


A professional jump starter will give drivers more safety and convenience. GOOLOO is specialized in car jump starters since 2014. We insist on designing more outstanding products for people. Enrich your driving life is GOOLOO prime mission.


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